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Buy Ecstasy Online

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Ecstasy (MDMA) 100 mg

Buy Ecstasy Online 
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Available dosage: 100 mg MDMA Original

Shape/Color:  Multi-Shape Multi-Imprint and Multi-color Tablets

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Buy Ecstasy Online

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Dosage and Administration

MDMA has anti-anxiety and anti-fear effects, it is generally considered safe to use a full dose your first time and each time you use MDMA (generally 75mg – 125mg depending on the individual). It is important to measure the dose carefully

Side Effects

Mood lifts (mild to extreme)

Talkative and sociable

Increase in energy

Feelings of comfort and belonging

Increased empathy

Increased appreciation of music

Increased pleasure from the sense of touch

Decreased appetite

Visual distortion: mild hallucinations

Rapid involuntary eye jiggling

Change in body temperature regulation

Unexpected emotions

Strong desire to take more MDMA when coming down

Mild to extreme jaw clenching, tongue and cheek chewing, and teeth grinding

Difficulty concentrating

Impaired ability to focus eyes/blurred vision

Inability to fall asleep when physically tired

Erectile dysfunction and difficulty reaching orgasm

Increase in body temperature, dehydration

Nausea and vomiting


From an Amazonian plant healer’s perspective, when a patient or apprentice is working with a medicinal plant, it is preferable to not take any other substances or medicines. Certain drugs and medications have been found to not be compatible with ayahuasca.It is essential to stop taking the substances listed in this document and give your system sufficient time to remove them from the body before you begin a program. We will provide advice on how to proceed during your booking process. Please consult your doctor if you are in any doubt. You should not stop taking prescribed medications without consulting your doctor.

Contraindications: Herbal Medicine and Supplements:Kratom,Ephedra,Ginseng,Yohimbe,Sinicuichi,Rhodiola Rosea,Kanna,Boswellia,Nutmeg,Scotch Broom,Licorice Root and Cannabis. WIKI

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